Sunday, May 5, 2013

Research is Key

Staying Fresh and Current

Whether your a newbie in the graphic arts industry or a seasoned designer... there can never be enough research.

New designers

If you're not sure how to go about creating a Sitemap, adding analytics, embedding items, or uncertain of how to combine paths in Illustrator-RESEARCH IT.

Seasoned designers trying to stay up-to-date

Online resources are endless. There is so much information on the ever-changing world of technology and that same technology allows us to find out how to use the latest and greatest items. Have you heard the buzz of all the new social sites, integrating animation, smart phones, apps, WiFi, styling changes, coding trends, etc... It's all crazy, but if you're like me-you LOVE it.

Keys to Searching Online

I search online and always try to double-check the url to try to get the most accurate information and at times I will go to several sites to see if the information is mostly the same. Going that extra step makes me feel more confident that the information I will be using is relevant.

Best practice is to look at the url address and the safest bet is usually the sites ending with: .org or .edu. If you are familiar with a company and recognize the site as something you've used or seen in the past, these are also pretty safe information resources, such as: Microsoft or Adobe (depends upon what you are researching).

Avoid using sites like where the everyday online user can change the information and the end result could be both frustrating and costly.

Go the extra step for yourself and for your customers.